Black Forest Academy provides opportunities for all students to thrive in their education. We design a path for any student who needs extra help learning, whether it’s a language barrier, a learning disability, or an emotional disorder.

Our staff will work to find the best approach for each individual, because we want to see every student succeed.

Explore our specialized student support services by clicking on the tabs below.

Asian Care Services

The Asian Care department works with BFA school and residence staff to care for Asian students, and to assist Asian parents with the education of their children in an English-language setting.

Staff Training

Attention is given to helping BFA staff gain a greater understanding of the Asian culture and in providing translation services between staff and the parents of our Asian students.

Services Provided

The department also directs services specifically to the Asian students by helping them explore college options, including educational requirements in their passport countries and elsewhere; providing personal counseling that is culturally sensitive; visiting students in the dorm; and organizing social events for Asian students.

Counseling Services

The counseling department offers individual and family counseling to BFA students of all grade levels.

The mission of BFA Counseling Services is:

  • to ensure that Christian care is provided for students who need personalized attention beyond the capabilities or energies of their normal care givers.
  • to provide biblical counseling for students struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and/or other emotional concerns that are common during the adolescent years.
  • to provide a nurturing environment for students who are struggling with behavioral issues.
  • to train and equip other BFA staff members in providing excellent biblical counseling.
  • to coordinate and facilitate additional care of students.
  • to provide supervision to ensure the integrity of the care given.

Discovery Program

The Discovery Program is designed to meet the specific needs of students who have been classified with a developmental delay or a specific learning disability.