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The First Moments

These are normal feelings that come and go while your children are attending boarding school. We want you to know that we are not trying to replace you or take on your role as parents. You are still their parents, and you are still the most important adults in your children’s lives. It is extremely important for you to keep in consistent communication with your children while they are in the boarding program. There is nothing more disheartening to a child than not to be getting mail, e-mail or phone calls from the people they love the most.
There will most likely be some difficult times of transition and stress. Children will act out in a variety of ways. Most will get homesick. Some will feel this immediately, while others will be so excited to be here that homesickness won’t set in until a week or two later. Once in a while a child may exhibit anger or disobedience. Some will warm up to the dorm staff immediately and some won’t feel totally relaxed around them until after Christmas break. When you speak with your children by phone or when they write to you they may sound a bit different than you are used to. Don’t be alarmed. It will take some time for your children to become accustomed to their new situation.
It is very important for you and for your children to keep up communication as much as you can with what is going on in your their lives. You will be sent a calendar with school events on it. Make sure you have your children keep you up to date with the events in which they are participating. If you know they have a game, recital, concert, big test, banquet, big date, or some other important event coming up in their schedule, write or call and give them some encouragement, congratulations, or whatever else might be appropriate. It is also important for you to keep your children aware of what is going on in your lives and ministries.

Life in Residence

We asked dorm parents about daily life. Whether you’re thinking about serving in residence, or sending your child to to live with us at BFA, you’ll want to click here to check out their videos back on our main Residence Life page.

Life in Residence