Black Forest Academy

Getting here

Basel is the nearest transportation hub to Kandern and the Basel EuroAirport (BSL) is often the easiest airport to fly into. You can also easily rent a car from the airport, and is the recommended option as it gives you freedom to explore the area and Kandern’s public transportation is limited. That said, it is possible to take a bus+train from BSL to Kandern.

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Basel (BSL) is your most straightforward connection to Kandern. You have options for renting a car directly from the airport, and can even explore your options in advance at the Basel Airport’s website.

If you choose to fly into Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH) or Frankfurt, Germany (FRA), you may want to take a train to Basel (Badischer Bahnhof). From the Badischer Bahnhof, you can hop on the #55 bus to Kandern, which takes roughly half an hour.

There are two major train stations in Basel, the Badischer Bahnhof (easiest option) and the SBB Train Station.

If you arrive at the Badischer Bahnhof, you can take the #55 bus to Kandern – Staiggasse stop right across the street from BFA.

If you arrive at the SBB, you can take the #30 bus to the Badischer Bahnhof, where you can catch the aforementioned #55 to Kandern – Staiggasse stop.

The street address for BFA is Hammersteiner Strasse 50, Kandern. If you and your GPS prefer Decimal Degrees, you can find us at Latitude 47.71031, Longitude 7.6588.

Lodging in the area

We are excited to share our part of the world with you!

There are many options for lodging in Kandern and the surrounding villages. Our recommendation is to search sites like Airbnb, the Kandern Lodging Listings or any of the common online travel sites. Many accommodations locally are Guesthouses/B&Bs such as the Zur Schnecke, while larger, more modern hotels can be found 20-25 minutes away in nearby Basel, Switzerland or Lörrach.

We thank you in advance for honoring any and all booking details including cultural guidelines and payment fees for cancellations. In this way, you can help BFA continue to enjoy a good relationship with local businesses and the wider Kandern community.

Lodging Pricing