Applying to Study at BFA

Studying at BFA is an experience you won’t soon forget. Our student body includes young men and women who have lived around the world, including right next door. This uniquely diverse experience, tied into our core Christian values and high standards of education, make for an excellent stepping point into your next stage of life. It doesn’t matter where you’re from; what matters is that we’re in this together. 

BFA has a distinctly Christian philosophy of education, which strives to develop students intellectually, spiritually and socially. The program emphasizes a Christian worldview in which values, beliefs and attitudes are rooted in biblical teaching. We believe our educational program develops a biblical perspective on life so students can fulfill God’s purpose for their lives personally and vocationally.

1 The first step in every new application is an application inquiry. You’ll need to fill this out before moving on to the application to study at BFA.

Click here for a preliminary look at what documents you’ll need for the full Application

2 The next step is to familiarize yourself with the appropriate student handbook, either for High School or Middle School.


Once that is done, you can contact to let our Admissions Office know you would like to start the application process.

The Admissions Office will send you the BFA Application form.

Please submit all of your application materials in one package.
The Admissions Committee reviews each application to determine admission.

How BFA Helps Parents

Because of BFA, we have been assured of a good quality Christian education and a loving atmosphere while we have the freedom to serve the Lord in France.
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